Why are Rooms Warmer than Others in Your Home?

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This summer the Phoenix AZ heat hit the valley hard. There pretty much wasn’t any build up. We went from the upper 80’s to lower 90’s right to 112 degree days. We’ve even seen days where the temperatures have gotten all the way to 120. If you’ve never been outside in 120 degree weather it’s not very pleasant. As a matter of fact we don’t recommend staying out for long periods of time when it’s this hot, it’s not safe.

When the heat ramps up in Phoenix, it means business. Unless you’ve got a working air conditioning system in your home, you’ll be dealing with conditions that are unbearable, unsafe, and possibly deadly. But what if your home is relaxing with cool temperatures from the AC, and you discover one particular room that’s far hotter than the rest? Is the problem coming from something wrong with the air conditioner, or is there some other problem that’s creating this warmer room?

It could be both! Let’s examine why.

A/C and HVAC Issues

Air Condition Short Cycle – This is when your air conditioning system doesn’t stay on long enough to complete it’s cooling cycle. Rooms closer to the AC will still receive cooling, but the system isn’t running for enough time to distribute heat evenly, leaving one or more rooms too hot. If you have a warmer room that is further away from where your cooling system is located it’s quite possible this is the reason.

We also know that other reasons may involve clogged air filters, refrigerant loss, or a thermostat on the fritz, in any event you will need a professional HVAC technician to come out and diagnose the issue.

Duct Leaks – If there are leaks in the section of ductwork leading to the hot room, the loss of cool air before it reaches the room can account for temperature difference. Your ducts will need to be sealed.

Room Heat Leaks – The room might be extra hot because there are heat leaks that are permitting the outdoor heat to get through and overpower the air conditioning. There could be air leaks around the windows or inadequate insulation in the walls. Radiant heat from the sun might be heating up the windows and walls and sending heat waves inside. Our indoor air specialists can solve these problems for you.

If you’re noticing that you have one or more rooms that are warmer than others please call Norris Air Inc. We’ll have one of our HVAC professionals meet with you and help determine the cause and then implement a solution that will help distribute cool air evenly throughout your home. Call today 480-832-3330 or visit us online.