Truth About Cheap AC Service Offers

HVAC Scams Phoenix

As we suffer through our hot summer in the valley of the sun, more and more people are firing up their air conditioners all day every day to keep cool.  A lot of the time many of these systems haven’t been serviced for an extended period and are in serious need of AC service, repair or even new unit installation. Many will eventually consider having an HVAC contractor come by for a checkup.  Unfortunately, many unscrupulous A/C contractors here in Phoenix work on a commission basis and don’t make anything unless they sell something to an unknowing customer.

Truth is, the $29.95 advertised specials you see doesn’t even come close to covering the real cost for a licensed HVAC Contractor to come out to your home or business and spend the time necessary to do a quality evaluation of your Air Conditioning System.  This is often just a “foot in the door” for the less than honest contractor.

Then we have the old bait-n-switch routine. AC bait and switch scams usually start like this – you see an advertisement or receive a flyer in the mail offering an air conditioning maintenance service that is priced from anywhere between free to $49.  Seem to be too good to be true?  That’s because in most cases it is. If a reputable HVAC company in good consciousness offered this service for this low of a price they would quite honestly be losing more money than they would be earning.  This is because it costs them both time and money to send an AC technician to your home or office.

How to Ensure You Don’t Fall Victim

1. Check the Company’s Licensing

After receiving an advertisement and before calling to schedule service, you should ensure that the company is licensed in the state of Arizona

2. Is the Company BBB Accredited?

Always check with the Better Business Bureau prior to hiring any company – no matter which type of service you may need.  Check to see if they’re accredited, what they’re rated and if they have any negative complaints.

3. How Many Years Have They Been In Business?

The longer a company has been in business, the better your chances are for working with a reputable company.  You should be able to locate this information in their licensing or BBB profile.  Or…you could always ask them. Norris Air has been in business since 1973.

At Norris Air we only charge $69.95 with our promotional new customer coupon to come out to your home to conduct a complete system checkup.  For commercial new customers, with our promotional coupon, we charge $159 per unit. Another important factor about our superior service is if your unit doesn’t need repair, we’ll tell you.  Our only hope is you consider Norris Air the next time you need Air Conditioning or Heating System service, repair, maintenance or installation.

If you want a trustworthy, experienced HVAC contractor to help you with your air and heating needs call Norris Air. We’re reputable, honest and we stand behind our service. Contact us today 480-832-3330 for east valley customers, 602-595-3115 for west valley customers. Visit us online too!!!