To Replace Your AC or Not To?

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If you live in Phoenix you’ve probably began to notice that temperatures are warming up considerably here and around the valley. If you haven’t switched on the air conditioner at least a couple times so far it won’t be long before we’re all running our units all day in the blistering summer heat. In Phoenix, summer usually starts towards the end of April for us while the rest of the nation begins within the month of June. If you are in need of an air conditioning replacement, it would be a good decision to have that service completed now as opposed to putting it off. The increase in daytime temperatures is unrelenting from here on out, and you don’t want to be waiting around while your air conditioner is replaced during the hottest time of year. Consider the following recommendation and contact a member of our staff if you think it may be time for new air conditioning installation in Phoenix, AZ.

How Many Repairs Have You Had in Recent Years?

No air conditioner unit is 100% reliable, so you can expect the need for air conditioning repairs from time to time. However, you really shouldn’t be scheduling AC repairs, no matter how “minor,” with any level of frequency. If it seems as though your system is developing operational problems too often, then you may want to consider replacing it with a newer, more dependable system. Just because your unreliable AC unit can be repaired doesn’t mean that it is actually worth repairing.

Is Using Your Air Conditioner Cost Effective?

We have to use our air conditioners a lot in the southwest. Air Conditioning truly is more of a necessity than a luxury, and when temps get over a 100, it’s also a blessing. Because of this, why stress about your system not running efficiently? If you are sick and tired of paying high cooling costs each month because your system is inefficient for your home, or if your system is just too old and worn out to function as efficiently as it once did, then it may make more sense to replace it with a more efficient model that can save you money in reduced operational costs.

Does Your Cooling System Fit Your Home?

Often, homeowners who purchase a home with an existing A/C system just stick with what they inherited. There is no rule saying that you cannot replace your air conditioning system just because it doesn’t suit your user preferences, though. If you’d rather be using ductless mini splits or a heat pump than a central AC, for instance, you shouldn’t make concessions. Contact us to explore your options.

For more help in determining if a new air conditioner is the right move please contact our offices at 480-832-3330.