Tips for 2016 Summer Energy Savings

save on energy costs in phoenix az

It can be very stressful opening up electric bills in the middle of our Phoenix summers. We know that the energy bill has gone way up but some part of us is in denial. Nothing creates anxiety like opening that first big one and seeing your bill has increased by a couple hundred bucks. Yuck!! While big changes like installing a more energy efficient unit can help control your energy costs, there are smaller steps you can take to lower your bill.

  1. Change your air filters. A dirty air filter will slow down air flow and make your system have to work harder to cool your home– and therefore use more energy. APS recommends replacing disposable air filters or cleaning permanent ones at least once a month.
  2. Close your blinds and curtains. Keep the sun outside as much as possible. You might have just invested in some Hunter Douglas, in which case you’ll want to make use of them and get your money’s worth. Make sure all your blinds and curtains are closed before leaving the house for the day. If you don’t already, consider adding window shades to protect against heat and reduce utility costs.
  3. Use ceiling fans in rooms with occupants. Ceiling fans can increase the comfort level in a room. When you have the fan on, try to turn the thermostat up a few degrees. Ceiling fans use less energy than air conditioners, so turning your thermostat up 4 degrees or so while the fan is on can cut down on your energy costs. Remember that ceiling fans should be treated like lights– turn them off when no one is in the room. Ceiling fans should blow down– or circulate counter-clockwise– during the summer months.
  4. Get regular preventative maintenance. Having tune-ups on your system during the mild seasons ensures that your system is working optimally during the peak seasons. At Norris Air, we do a full tune-up and check your ductwork for leaks.
  5. Set your thermostat as high as your comfort allows. SRP recommends setting it between 78 and 80 degrees when someone is home and up to 85 degrees when no one is home. Consider getting a programmable thermostat if you find yourself forgetting to set the thermostat before you leave the house. You can even get a wifi enabled thermostat now that allows you to control the thermostat remotely so you can adjust the temperature away from home.
  6. Make sure no heat sources are close to the thermostat. For optimal accuracy, make sure the thermostat is not close to anything throwing off a lot of heat. Thermostats should also not be installed on outside walls where they can be affected by the outside temperature and not accurately read the inside temperature.
  7. Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances. Lights and appliances can throw out heat, as well as obviously using energy themselves while turned on.
  8. Defrost foods in the refrigerator instead of the microwave. In addition to cutting on energy costs, it is a safer, more ideal way of defrosting foods from a culinary standpoint.
  9. Dry your clothes outside when possible. Keep the sun outside and use it to your advantage. If line drying your clothes isn’t an option, consider getting a small portable drying rack to at least lay out whatever is still damp after one dryer cycle.
  10. Turn your air conditioning fan to “Auto”. APS estimates that turning your fan from “on” to “auto” can save you up to $25 a month. Switch it to auto on your thermostat and leave it.

Use these tips this summer to cut down on energy costs. We all know because of the extreme heat Phoenix AZ experiences each year that our APS and SRP bills increase significantly. By implementing these tips you can cut back on costs and stay cool much easier. As always, Norris Air always recommends keeping on top of your air conditioning service and maintenance to prevent summer breakdowns. It’s know fun when your cooling system quits and your home temperatures inside climb into the 90’s. Take action now and have Norris Air out to service your system. Call today 480-832-3330 or visit