So What Exactly is an AC Tune Up

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Here in Phoenix Arizona, we rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool during the brutal summers. For many homeowners, it is a case of out of sight, out of mind. When it gets too hot the switch is flipped, our AC unit turns on, and goes to work cooling our house down. Sometimes we don’t even need to flip the switch, our thermostat is automatically programmed to kick on when our home reaches a certain temperature. One thing we tend to forget is that like our car, our air conditioning unit needs a good tune-up every now and then.

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What are the Basics of an AC Tune Up?

Does the term AC service, maintenance or tune-up sound foreign to you?  It might if you have never had one completed or never thought too much about it. Air conditioning tune-ups are an important piece of keeping your cooling system running effectively and efficiently. It can help prevent those cooling breakdowns that tend to happen on the hottest day of the year in Phoenix and can end up saving you a lot of money.

There are many things that happen during and AC tune-up. However you can break it down into three main parts: the inspection, the cleaning, and recommendations.

Inspection – This should be a thorough inspection of your AC unit and system, vents, and thermostat. Parts should be checked for wear and tear and any safety issues. Your AC system should be checked to make sure it is running effectively. It’s amazing what can be found in some AC Units and our excellent staff will be meticulous with inspecting your system.

Cleaning – This is the part where dust, dirt, and debris built up inside your system is dealt with. By having a tune-up completed, your AC system becomes a whole lot cleaner, helping it to run more efficiently. This is especially important when energy rates increase during our brutally hot summers from our local utility companies. Your AC unit coils, air filter, condensate drip line, and drip pan should also be cleaned or changed during this process.

Recommendations – Once your system has been checked and cleaned, our team will make any recommendations for any work that needs to be done. This is to keep your system running safely and effectively. Most of the time the AC tune-up won’t uncover anything major but if it does it is nice to know before your unit breaks down on you. We also offer AC maintenance packages that will help prevent major breakdowns and save you money on parts should any work need to be done.

Having your system regularly tuned can bring many advantages including:

  • A system that runs more efficiently.
  • An increased life span.
  • A more comfortable home.
  • A system that you know is safe to run.
  • Cleaner air coming into your home.
  • A reduced chance of major breakdowns happening and savings when you don’t have to call for emergency service.

Having your AC unit regularly tuned can keep your home more comfortable and reduce the stress of never knowing when your system might just break down.

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