Your air conditioning system is the largest and probably the most expensive appliance in your Arizona home. Perhaps you have experienced a major problem with air conditioner repair in the past and you felt like you were taken advantage of, or your energy bills have increased and you can’t figure out why. At Norris Air we have the right solution for all your AC repairs and Air Conditioning service needs. Contact us today and find out how much an ac repair repair may cost you.

Norris Air Inc. offers a full line of air conditioning services in Phoenix, Mesa and all surrounding cities. This includes air conditioning installation, maintenance and replacements for residential and commercial customers. We can also help you save energy and money with our wide selection of energy–saving products, such as programmable thermostats and ductless split air conditioning systems.

Norris Air Inc is the very first HVAC company to think outside the box and successfully pursue the CAC Designation. They are also joining the still-growing autism initiative set forth by Visit Mesa. Read More about this designation here: Norris Air Inc Receives First Nationwide Certified Autism Center Designation™

Choosing the Correct Air Conditioner for Your Home

If you’ve started looking at air conditioning systems on your own, you probably know how confusing it can be to try and figure out exactly what you need, what size and how much you need to spend. If it’s a new system you’re looking for, our a/c installation service can take care of your cooling requirements quickly and correctly. Our specialists can help you select the right central air unit, packaged unit, or ductless mini split. We are known for our air conditioning installation services because of our whole–home approach to home comfort. Our technicians are fully certified and go through regular trainings to stay up–to–date with the latest in HVAC technology to help you make informed decisions about AC equipment installations and upgrades.

Benefits of Ductless Split Air Conditioning

benefits of ductless split acWhether you would like to upgrade to a more efficient air conditioner, or you need to install an air conditioning system in a new home, Norris Air Inc. installs a variety of ductless split air conditioners that are highly–efficient and durable.

Norris Air Inc. installs quality ductless air conditioners made from brands that we trust. We are known in Phoenix for our wide selection of Amana® air conditioners, and we can provide you with information about all the ductless models we offer. Once you choose the model that’s right for you, you can rely on our qualified technicians to install it properly and with care to your home and property.

The efficiency of any air conditioning system is measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). If you are looking for a high–efficiency air conditioner, you’ll want to look for a SEER rating of at least 14 or above. Installing an ENERGY STAR® air conditioner is one way to know that you are getting a high–efficiency AC system. In addition to energy savings, you may also qualify for a government tax credit by installing an ENERGY STAR–rated system.

Ductless spit air conditioners tend to be more efficient than central air conditioners because there is no air loss through the duct work in the home. Each room or area of your home is cooled by a separate unit, and these systems are easy to install and maintain.

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We proudly offer a range of top brand air conditioning equipment, and Norris Air is the most preferred supplier of Amana® and Mitsubishi heating and air conditioning equipment in the valley today. When you buy a high–efficiency air conditioner or heat pump from us, we will install and maintain your new cooling system so that it lasts many years.

Contact the AC professionals at Norris Air Inc. today, and let us take care of all your air conditioning needs!