Regular Maintenance Can Save You Thousands

Maintaining your heating and cooling unit year round is important because it can identify issues that, when addressed right away, can be nipped in the bud. This saves Phoenix, AZ, homeowners time, money and hassle in the long run. Therefore, making it a point to hire a professional for bi-annual air conditioning and heating system maintenance is critical. Look to Norris Air to help you out. We have been serving Phoenix and the surrounding area for more than 40 years, making it our goal to always give 100 percent customer service.

Benefits of Maintenance

Regular maintenance on HVAC systems can prevent homeowners just like you from expensive repair work that could save you thousands of dollars down the road. With frequent dust storms a hallmark of Phoenix summers, maintenance can keep your system clean and free from debris that can build up fairly quickly. This can affect the operation and efficiency of your unit if not addressed on a regular basis. You don’t want to shell out big bucks on an expensive repair only to learn you could have avoided it had you just cleaned out the system. Ensuring that both heating and cooling systems are running on all cylinders throughout your home can actually promote cleaner air flow and cut down on allergens. Outside pollutants can accumulate to dangerous levels, posing health and comfort problems, says the CPSC.


A/C System Maintenance is one way to keep a reliable heating and cooling system in your home — one that you can count on through the seasons. In the warm months, the cooling unit is essential in delivering sweet, cool air to occupants of the home, helping to keep your family and pets comfortable and safe. Even though Phoenix rarely sees very cold weather, those January and February nights can get quite chilly, so having a reliable heating element is imperative too in order to stay as comfortable as possible.

You can easily set up a regular maintenance schedule to take all the guesswork out of the process. Rely on the expertise and prompt service of our technicians and call Norris Air today for a maintenance appointment.