Norris Air Attends BBB’s Industrious Women’s Summit

2 women and 1 man discussing

On Friday August 24th, the Better Business Bureau, in partnership with Arizona State University’s Entrepreneurship + Innovation Unit, hosted the first Industrious Women’s Summit.  The summit featured inspiring keynote presentations and expert panels where women business owners and employees gathered to discuss and share leadership skills, best practices, and knowledge about running a business.  The event focused on women in industries that are traditionally male-dominated.  Key focuses included: creating delightful customer experiences, business development and new revenue streams, working with media, the importance of self-care, and industrious women in the age of #metoo, the movement against sexual harassment primarily in the workplace.

Bogi, Nina, and Paula Speaking at the BBB's Industrious Women's Summit 2018
Bogi, Nina, and Paula Speaking at the BBB’s Industrious Women’s Summit 2018

Paula Norris, CEO of Norris Air, has continued to guide and direct with the ethics that Norris Air was founded on.  She was a part of the “Creating Delightful Customer Experiences” panel with Bogi Lateiner and Nina Makston, owner and office manager of 180 degrees Automotive.  Together, the three spoke on what sets their companies apart.  They spoke on how their industries are not exactly “appealing”- when calling an auto shop or air conditioning service, most individuals are already tense.  These companies experience people putting their guards up from the start due to past experiences and the stigma that these industries will rip them off.  However, to make customers more comfortable, both companies built their customer experiences from the ground up.  Bogi and Nina work tirelessly to make people, especially women, feel comfortable when walking into their shop.  Bogi even teaches automotive basics to women around the country and appears as one of the three female mechanics on the TV show “All Girls Garage”.  Paula strengthens her customer service by treating her employees and customers like family.  She understands that happy employees mean happy customers.  Paula has also worked with the Mesa Fire Department and donated time, money, and labor to those in the community in need of a new air conditioner or repairs but without the financial conditions.  Norris Air’s amazing customer service is evident with the winning of the 2018 Torch Award for Ethics presented by the BBB.

Overall, the Industrious Women’s Summit was a valuable experience to the attendees.  We expect the summit to become an annual event due to the success, and Norris Air will gladly accept any future invitations.