New Air Conditioners Need to be Serviced Just Like Cars

dirty condenser coils

Recently, a good friend from out of state, just had a new air conditioning system installed at their home. Him and his wife were so excited to share the news with us and to discuss how much more cool their home is, not to mention how cheap it would be to run this new system every summer. Excited for them, and being their go-to for HVAC questions, I asked what kind of maintenance plan they had set up for their new cooling system.

Their response “What do You mean MAINTENACE?”

Uh Oh………

I had to explain to them that just like cars air conditioners need regular maintenance. Like cars, your air conditioner will run less efficiently every year that goes by without a professional cleaning and tune-up.  And, just like a car, it will break down prematurely if it doesn’t get that maintenance.

Fortunately my friends voice went from kind of irritated to a more relieved tone. But once they understood that an air conditioner is an investment that needs preventative maintenance (just like a vehicle),they were actually glad I had told them. Especially when he learned that an annual cleaning will pay for itself through the increased efficiency of the unit.

For example, let’s talk about a condenser within an A/C unit. Air and moisture are supposed to flow through the condenser easily.  But when your cooling system hasn’t had preventative maintenance in over a decade, it can build up a lot of dirt, debris, and even clog. Just like a car, from the day your cooling system is installed, it will become less efficient with each and every minute it is running.

During a hot summer, like the ones they have in humid Daytona Beach, it’s going to have a hard time earning it’s keep.  The extra wind and humidity from their daily evening thunderstorms will clog it up with dirt, mud and even mold.  Every summer down there they’re always finding some systems that run at less than 50% of the efficiency promised by the manufacturer.

Should We Be Surprised?

Like a car used for a family road trip cross country. If the vehicle starts the trip averaging 39 miles per gallon, by the end of the trip it may be averaging only 27 miles per gallon. This is a sure sign that it’s time for tune up. Guess what? Same thing goes for an air conditioning unit.

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