Just a Little Q & A

Q: How is a computer like an air conditioner?
A: When you open Windows, it won’t work!

We’re not quite there yet … opening windows to get the welcomed fresh air. And while Monsoon seems to have fizzled out for the time being, there is still time for it to raise its ugly dust storm and pounce on us unaware.
The truth is, we don’t see much change in weather patterns here in the Valley. It’s usually really hot or wonderful! But assuming we won’t have any more extreme weather that might challenge the integrity of our air conditioning system may be a little premature. And, as they say, hoping is not a strategy.

So, rather than hope that everything is ok with your HVAC system, let us check out your system to give you peace of mind that whatever the weather brings, you’re safe and well protected by a healthy air conditioning, heating and optimal air quality system.

Just give us a call and we can check everything out for you! Call 480-832-3330 to take advantage of your Norris Air savings: $59.95 Check-Up or $150 off a new unit.