Eliminate Household Allergens in Your Air

If you live in Phoenix AZ you know our air quality is very dry. The desert in which we live is a beautiful place but it also comes with a price if you suffer from allergies or upper respiratory issues. Each day, in our homes, we breath in millions of dust and dander particles, whether from the pollen from plants and trees outside or from our household pets. These types of pollutants are responsible for allergies, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. How often are you or a family member having to deal with sneezing, dry or sore throats, weezing in your lungs, severe dry skin, or daily fatigue? If any of these is consistent in your daily life it might be time to look at the quality of your homes air.

Homeowners forget that our air ducts is a great hiding place for dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria, fungi, and even rodents. Certain spaces within our ducts happen to catch these pollutants and they set up residence right there and continue to multiply. When you turn on your air conditioning or heat the air starts blowing through your ducts, right through the bacteria and allergens, and guess where it goes from there? That’s right, right into your family room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Guess how get’s the pleasure of breathing this stuff in? You!

If you want to cut down on allergies, bronchitis and all the other ailments listed above, start by having your air ducts inspected and cleaned. Norris Air offers duct cleaning and repair services for the entire east and west valleys. By cleaning out your ducts and issuing any repairs that need to be made, you can expect these benefits:

* Significantly reduces household dust


* Increased energy savings each month


* A reduction in upper respiratory illnesses


* Furniture stays cleaner longer


* Reduces insect population


* Prevents rodents from setting up residence in your air ducts


* Lung health and improved oxygen capacity into the lungs


* You won’t have to see your family doctor as much


You can’t put a price on good health. If you or one of your loved ones is feeling tired, sick, or has constant allergy issues, and other attempts at helping their condition has failed, try starting with your home’s air. Cleaning your air ducts may be the resolution you’ve been looking for. Call Norris Air today at 480-832-3330 or visit our website.