Do I Need Air Conditioning Repair in My Phoenix Home?

With high temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months, air conditioning your Phoenix, AZ home remains a top priority. Maintaining your AC system during the colder parts of the year is a great way to avoid any costly damages or failures when the heat comes this spring. If your air conditioner is faulty or is not operating efficiently, it may be in need of professional repair, especially when you compare the price of a repair to an ac unit cost. Norris Air can provide your home with cool temperatures this spring and summer. Call us today for more information.

Comprised basically of an evaporator and condenser, indoor and outdoor coils, and a compressor that circulates the refrigerant through your system, your air conditioning system is a pretty complicated device and getting an air conditioning repair in Palmdale California is vital so you don’t live without ac. There are various symptoms of an air conditioner in need of repair:

  • Significant and/or sudden drop in cooling performance
  • Air conditioner runs continuously without stopping, even when desired temperature is met
  • Frequent switching on and off
  • Circuit breaker shorts out and/or frequent fuse replacement
  • Water leaking or visible frost build-up on the air vents
  • Refrigerant leakage.

There are various reasons for these common symptoms: inadequate refrigerant, faulty wiring, damaged fan components, or frozen coils. It is imperative that we accurately assess the problems with your air conditioner before remedying them.

You may also eventually find that your air conditioning system needs be replaced. If this is the case, and you would like to upgrade to a newer and more efficient AC unit, Norris Air is just a phone call away. We offer both a maintenance plan with scheduled tune-ups as well as comprehensive repair and installation, including emergency services. Don’t leave your Phoenix air conditioner repair ‘til the last minute. Call Norris Air today.