Chill in Your Man Cave in Comfort

football man cave

So you’ve just bought yourself a brand new cabin shed and you want to transform it into your very own man cave. Every sports fan, or sportsman, should have a place in his home where he can just be a man and hang out with friends to watch his favorite team, have a frosty cold beverage, shoot pool or darts, display all his collectibles, and enjoy friends and family. A man cave symbolizes freedom from the realities of day to day life. It’s a place to have fun, unwind and let loose. It can be even easier to unwind in a modern shed studio that you could turn into your man cave. With the builds they have these days you’ll have your dream man cave in no time.

But how can you completely relax if your man cave air temperature isn’t up to par. When football starts here in Phoenix Arizona the temperatures are still very warm compared to the rest of the country. It’s usually not til October, around Halloween, when the temps dip to the 80’s or high 70’s during the day. Before this time of year our days are around 100 or at the least in the upper 90’s and our nights are around 80. Whether you’re watching the day games or Sunday and Monday night football you can bet that your air conditioning is still running frequently to keep your home comfortable. If your man cave is being cooled by your main air conditioning unit this room may not cool down as fast as the other rooms in your home. Let’s face it, most man caves here in Arizona are usually room add ons, garages converted to man caves or someone getting a shed removal to install a brand new yard structure as the foundations to their mancave. This means you have one more room for your A/C unit to cool down.

Let’s discuss the winter nights in Phoenix. Most people think of Phoenix AZ as a hot place to live and usually they would be correct. But most people don’t realize during our winters the nights and mornings can get pretty cold. Maybe not as cold as an upstate New York winter or the areas that are around all the great lakes, but for Phoenix and all it’s surrounding cities, our nights and mornings can dip to the 30’s and high 20’s. That’s pretty cold for Phoenicians. Most winters here in the desert have some evenings where freeze warnings are issued. It gets cold enough to freeze pipes and ruin plants and shrubs in and around your home. If we’re experiencing some cold winter evenings and you’re watching the games in your man cave you definitely want this room to be nice and warm, not so warm where you’re uncomfortable, but enough warmth to keep you cozy and relaxed.

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in the very space designed for leisure. Man caves are often relegated to the fringe of the house: the shed, the basement or the sunroom, or the garage, and keeping them cool or warm can be a challenge. To maintain the temperature in your man cave, choose an appropriate cooling or heating system for the area.This is where Daikin products come into play. Daikin is a global leader for indoor comfort, with millions of systems installed throughout the world. Not only do Daikin systems provide indoor comfort, they also cut down on energy costs.

The Daikin ductless wall mounted single split heat pump and air conditioner is a 15 seer inverter, variable speed compressor, designed to deliver the capacity required to maintain desired man cave room temperatures. This type of technology minimizes temperature fluctuations and provides continuous cooling and heating comfort. The Daikin 15 Series units include features to ensure a comfortable experience every moment you’re spending in your man cave, either entertaining guests or lounging alone.

As you think about the functionality of your home’s indoor air comfort system, the Daikin brand is ready top help you achieve control, energy efficiency, and long term peace of mind. Take that attention to quality one step further by choosing a Daikin brand energy efficient ductless split system. For more information on how you can install a Daikin system within your man cave contact Norris Air today. For East Valley residents call 480-832-3330 and for East Valley residents call 602-595-3115. You can also visit us online.