Arizona Monsoon Can Damage Your AC System!

Most of us living in the Southwest welcome the monsoon season with open arms. After having weeks if not months of brutally hot temperatures, the winds and heavy rain help in cooling things down. With monsoon season also comes dust storms. These dust storms can wreak havoc on your home’s air conditioning efficiency. This will not only run up your monthly energy bills but also hurt the air conditioning unit itself! If your system is damaged, it in can lead to major repairs or replacement.

Three things to watch for during Monsoon

1. Dust and debris* may damage your AC unit

Dust storms don’t only make your car dirty. They cover the outside air conditioning unit as well which is bad news for your air conditioner’s efficiency. If the outside unit is covered in dirt and dust (insulators), it can’t release heat from the refrigerant very well. That means your AC will struggle to keep you cool while running up your energy bill as a result.

* Dust and debris removal included with your Monsoon Check up!

2. Clogged drain pan or condensate line* may cause water damage

During monsoon season, there’s plenty of moisture in the air leading to very humid days. More condensation forms on your AC’s evaporator unit and drips down into a drain pan and out the condensate drain line. (You can usually see the end of the drain line near your outside AC unit as a small PVC pipe.) But if dust from storms clogs the drain line, water will back up and into your home causing water damage.

* Line clean-out included with your Monsoon Check up!

3. Dirty air filter means blocked air flow

Usually your air conditioning system’s air filter only needs changing every 1-3 months. But with all that extra dust in the air, the air filter gets dirtier faster. And if you leave a dirty filter in the system for too long, it decreases the AC’s efficiency and increases the chance it will break down.

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