An Efficient Cooling System is a Must in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the hottest places to live in the United States. While temperatures through the fall, spring, and winter months are pleasant and mild, the hot summer heat can be unbearable, and can even be deadly. As such, an efficient cooling system is an absolute must for those living in Phoenix.

Dangerously Hot Phoenix Summers


The average high temperatures in Phoenix, in degrees Fahrenheit, are 102.3, 105, and 102.3 for June, July, and August respectively. However, the record high temperatures for those months are much greater—the hottest it’s even been in the city is 122 degree Fahrenheit, and temps above 110 degrees aren’t uncommon.

With the increased levels on construction within Phoenix, the climate temperature is getting hotter each year. In fact, Jonathan Overpeck, a climate change scientist, said that, “Temperatures could regularly hit into the 130s in Phoenix by the second half of this century due to human-caused climate change,” in 2009.

High Temperatures Pose Dangers for All


Temperatures above 100 degrees are extremely dangerous, and pose risks for anyone who’s subjected to them without an efficient cooling system. Most at risk tend to be children, the elderly, and pets, as they all tend to have more limited mobility and less ability to regulate their body temps. Every year, excessive heat kills hundreds of people in the United States, and causes even more heat-related illnesses.

An easy solution to alleviating excessive heat exposure and preventing death or heat-related illnesses, like heat stroke, is to invest in an efficient cooling system. Doing so can protect pets and loved ones.

Call a Cooling System Professional Today


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