All in a Day’s Work!

A Message From Forrest Smith, Mesa Fire and Medical:

On August 6, 2019, one of our crews responded to an ill patient. Upon arrival, we found a 60-year old female suffering from heat related illness. After interviewing the patient, our firefighter/paramedics found that she had been without air conditioning this entire summer. Several A/C technicians had been out to assess the situation and she was told that the system was too old to repair and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, the patient is on a very tight budget and unable to afford the cost. Also, the patient has had an extensive medical history with severe physical deficits, leaving her wheelchair bound and unable to stay with neighbors or relatives due to access issues.

On scene, the crew contacted my area Administrator to see if we had community partners or resources to help our patient out. Within 30 minutes, we made contact with Norris Air, who has helped our patients in the past with these types of issues. Within an hour of us responding to the original call, a Norris Air technician (Dan) arrived with a portable air conditioning unit to cool down the patient’s bedroom before she arrived back home from the hospital. Dan spent another hour trouble shooting issues with the A/C unit and had to crawl underneath the mobile home to assess the equipment. He stated that the unit may be too old to find parts but set in motion a plan to get the AC unit replaced.

The Fire Chief appreciates the efforts of our private sector partners and non-profits that have our residents’ best interests in mind.

I want to extend our appreciation to New Leaf/MesaCAN and Paula Norris/Norris Air, Inc. It’s community partnerships and networking such as this that build a strong community and a much stronger Mesa.

Forrest Smith, Mesa Fire & Medical Deputy Chief/Public Information Officer