Air Conditioning in Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Home

A manufactured home is a cost-friendly alternative to traditional homes. However, there are many things that require additional thought when maintaining your manufactured home. Keeping your home cool, especially in the Arizona heat, is a daunting task due to limited sizing and upgrading options. Below is a starter list to consider when cooling your home with an HVAC system.

Types of Air Conditioners

Choosing the type of air conditioner requires a different thought process for manufactured homes. In somewhere like Costa Rica, air conditioning is essential to help you relax after being in the sun all day. Considering investing in real estate in Costa Rica should naturally come with looking for reliable air conditioning systems, to ensure your home keeps cool especially during the summer months. This is the same in all homes where the temperature is always or mostly hot. There are many types of air conditioning packages to choose from and it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your home.

The most common choice for manufactured home homeowners is a packaged unit. A packaged unit puts everything in one big box. It is, in short terms, a better window air conditioner with two ducts attached. This is advantageous for manufactured homes because it does not require space inside the home. Also, packaged systems are usually easier and cheaper to change when the time comes because everything is outside. This also keeps the home quiet inside.

If your home already has an interior furnace, sometimes it may be a better solution to get a central air conditioning system (also called split system). This means that there is an indoor unit and outdoor unit. Central air conditioning also balances the cooling in your home more efficiently.


Many homes need specific dimensions for their HVAC systems due to the space allotted (e.g. a closet). Also, purchasing the correct size air conditioner is of utmost importance. If the air conditioner is too large, it will cool your home too quickly and lead to moisture problems within the home. On the other hand, if a unit is too small, it will be overworked for too long. Both scenarios may lead to ineffective cooling of your home and wear on the system components, causing financial and physical difficulties.

Community Rules

When living in a community of manufactured homes, there are many rules. Rules often include having the condenser (exterior unit) in a less visible place to keep the community more aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, there are many considerations when adding a HVAC system to your manufactured home. Call Norris Air, the original manufactured home experts, at 480.832.3330 to begin cooling your home today!