How to Spot Red Flags When Choosing Your HVAC Contractor

            With so many air conditioning businesses in Arizona, it is difficult to choose which company to trust.  Here are some red flags to keep in mind when selecting:

  • Price is too good to be true
    • A good rule of thumb is that if it is too good to be true, it probably is.  Stay away from companies that charge significantly less than competitors- it usually means additional charges or low-quality work.
  • They are not licensed, bonded, AND insured
    • Holding a license proves to the government and to the homeowner that a technician has the skill and knowledge to safely work with gas equipment.  Un-licensed technicians have not gone through all the training and experience to work on gas-powered equipment and are doing so illegally.  Licensed HVAC technicians can also perform warranty work, which means that maintenance on equipment under warranty does not break the warranty.  You lose all the benefits with an unlicensed contractor.
    • Insured companies ensure that you are not responsible for a technician that gets hurts on the job and any damage done to you or your neighbors’ home during installation or servicing.  You have no guarantee of being compensated for damages if you go with an uninsured HVAC company.  Norris Air is licensed, bonded, and insured; we will gladly procure the necessary documents for your piece of mind.
  • Recommendations without examinations
    • Estimates given over the phone sound convenient, but they are likely to be inaccurate.  Every home is different and has different needs.  The home has most likely gone through normal wear and tear, the physical space to hold a new unit needs to be re-evaluated, ductwork may have worn, etc.  A contractor can only give a proper estimate by visiting your home.  Free quotes after a thorough examination is provided for your convenience by certified Norris Air staff.
  • One-man company
    • An HVAC company composed entirely of one single person is not great for customers.  When serious problems arise suddenly, a one-man company does not have a 24-hour guarantee to help you.  They may already be on-site somewhere else, they may be sick, or they may be simply unwilling to rush to help during 115-degree weather.  This can leave you stuck in a home too hot to live in.  In addition, a one-man company does not have the advantage of having the knowledge of multiple people.  HVAC changes with the introduction of new technologies, so a group of experts instead of just one will give you the piece of mind that the best parts were installed in your home.  All Norris Air technicians are trained in-house, are EPA certified, are drug tested, and have their backgrounds checked.
  • No uniform
    •  A company that invests in uniforms is a company that is invested in creating a professional image.  A company without a uniform usually means they have not been in the industry long enough or they do not care about all aspects of their business.  Having a uniform also protects families against scams; it ensures that you are working with a real company.  Norris Air always calls before dispatching their technician, so you know you are getting a certified technician from our company.

Call Norris Air at 480-832-3330 to get your HVAC unit checked out today.  With us, you know you are getting quality service!