Fun and Interesting Facts about HVAC

phoenix ac and heating fun facts

Here in Phoenix AZ, especially during our summers, temperatures can rise to 112-120 degrees. If you have air conditioning then you know it’s a true blessing. Could you imagine not having air conditioning in the middle of July? Your house would be roasting, not to mention your family and pets could possibly be in harms way. We owe a lot of gratitude to air conditioning, the technology and that we depend on it to keep things nice and cool when trying to relax in doors in the middle of summer.

Most of us don’t think too much about cooling and heating, as we’ve grown accustomed to having it all year when needed. Here are some fun and interesting facts about A/C and heating that most of us never even realized.

  • In 1903, the New York Stock Exchange building in New York City was one of the first structures to use an air conditioning system.
  • Water lines in a home without heat will typically take three days to freeze when they’re sealed during freezing temperatures.
  • About 60% of U.S. homes are heated with gas fired forced air furnaces.
  • The first concept of air conditioning occurred around 500 years ago. People in Persia built wind towers to try to get the same effect as air conditioning. These towers were rigged with wind scoops to catch prevailing breezes. Internal vanes circulated that air throughout the buildings while forcing hot air out. This was especially handy considering the 100+ degree temperatures they encountered on a regular basis during summer.
  • In 180 AD China, artisan Ding Huan invented a 10-foot wide rotary fan made of seven connected wheels. A single operator could power the device and cool an entire hall of people simply by turning a crank.
  • The modern concept of air conditioning was first conceived by Michael Faraday in 1820 when he discovered compressed and liquefied ammonia could chill air when it was allowed to evaporate.
  • The development of air conditioning was one of the biggest boosts to the movie industry, as movie theaters could get very uncomfortable in warm summer months.
  • Ever since 1960, 60% of America’s economic growth can be attributed to air conditioning in the South and West where it has become possible to live and work year-long in comfortable conditions.
  • We have made incredible societal advances in technology (manufacture of computers and data storage centers, large-scale production, delivery and storage of food) and medicine (pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing) advances as a society thanks to the use of air conditioning.
  • The very first steam-heating system installation was in England so the Governor of the Bank of England could grow grapes in the cool temperatures.
  • Packard was the first automobile manufacturing company to incorporate air conditioning in their cars in 1936.
  • Air conditioner sales took off in the 1950s. By 1953, more than one million room air conditioner units had been sold. 35 years later, in 1998, more than 6.2 million air conditioners / heat pumps were shipped to homes and businesses.
  • The very first glimmering of the modern HVAC industry came way back in 1758, when Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley discovered that evaporating alcohol and other similar substances cools down objects enough to bring water to freezing temperatures.
  • In the 1987 animated film “The Brave Little Toaster”, actor Phil Hartman voiced a character that was a talking air conditioner that is sick of being stuck in a wall.
  • Studies show that humans who grow accustomed to living in a cool, air conditioned environment lose their natural tolerance for heat.

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