10 Fun Facts about Air Conditioning

10 Fun Facts About Air Conditioners

You probably don’t pay too much attention to your air conditioner — until it stops working! But there are quite a few interesting tidbits about AC units you probably never knew. Here are 10 fun facts to check out:

1. Many important and life-saving medications wouldn’t be possible in today’s age without air conditioning, as many meds have to be kept cool in order to be properly studied, implemented and effective.

2. Cinemas were the first public places to boast air conditioners. No one wants to sit in a move theater and sweat! Comfortable people = higher concession sales and repeat visits.

3. Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioning unit in 1902, according to Popular Mechanics.

4. Large blocks of ice used to be used to keep food and people cool before the invention of the AC.

5. The idea of summer vacation in the old days was so kids could stay home during the hottest month of the year because schools had no cooling system.

6. Humans have evolved to possess a lower tolerance for heat thanks to the prevalence of air conditioning.

7. Air conditioning assisted in propelling the growth and expansion of hot states like Florida and Arizona; prior to this, the economic hub of the country was in the northeast.

8. In 1940, Packard was the first auto company to include factory-installed AC in its cars, says Automobile magazine.

9. The New York Stock Exchange incorporated air conditioning in its buildings in 1903, one of the first to do so.

10. Before the advent of air conditioning, homes were designed with tall ceilings and porches that allowed for shade and breezes to naturally cool home owners.

Hopefully you’ve learned a little something about air conditioners and can impress your friends with your new-found knowledge! Many of us can’t imagine life without ACs, but the fact is you have to keep up with maintenance in order for them to run efficiently. Is your air conditioner on the fritz? That’s the last thing you need when the temps are skyrocketing outside. Make an appointment with Norris Air Inc. today for prompt, courteous, skilled service by calling 480-832-3330 or visiting our website at http://www.norrisairinc.com/.